Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Newton Aycliffe, still there!

"We had Angela's baptism, and it went so well. She was so excited and we had a member do both the baptism and the confirmation. She looked so happy and we had a good turn out from the ward members as well. It was really good to see their support. It was the first baptism in Newton Aycliffe this year, and so we were really excited about that."

"We have this investigator who would never let us pray with her. So we left, and she was out smoking a fag, and she said she was praying asking God for a sign of what is true. So she finished her fag, and went inside and her tele was frozen on this picture of a sign with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on it, and it also said Visitors Welcome, and there were people all around it. Then she hurried and changed the channel and then flipped it back, and it was still frozen on it. She said it freaked her out! It was so great though, and we were laughing. Then when we left her after the next appointment, she was like, I am not turning on the tele now, and we just had a good laugh."

"I think it is starting to turn into autumn in England. There has been a very cool chill in the wind lately. We have hot days every once in awhile , but lately it has been raining like crazy. We got caught out in it the other day, and the rain was so bad that it was going through my umbrella and we got soaking wet."