Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays from England

"Sunday was pretty intense. Up to Sunday, we pretty much had standards achieved. The only thing we needed was for our investigators to show to church. Well, we were calling them and like none of them were answering or showing up. Then this lady in our ward shows up and her sister came, who has been taught quite a bit in the past, and so we now had one at church and we needed two more. Then, Andy said he got a little sick because of the baptismal font being so cold, so he wasn't going to come, but we told him he needed to come so he could get confirmed a member. So we went with a member to pick Andy up and he has a friend with him named John, who we have taught a bit too. So now we had two people there, and we only needed one more! It was so intense. So we are sitting in Sacrament meeting and this 15 year old kid named Connor walks by. We went out to the hall and talked to him and we brought him into church, so we had 3, and we achieved standards! We were so thankful that God blessed us to reach this goal."

"Back in November, we found this really good guy named Andy. He is huge! He used to be a boxer and I'm pretty sure he would be a heavy weight boxer. We have been working with him and scheduled him for the 10th of December for baptism. He was so excited for that day because it was his brothers birthday, who has passed away. Andy had his baptism and it was really good. We got this phone call from Bishop Skeleton at like 10 AM on Saturday and he said he couldn't get the font to fill up and didn't know what was going on with it. So we picked up Andy and headed down to the church, and by the time we got there, the Bishop gave us thumbs up saying he got it to work. But then there was another problem. There was no hot water. The baptismal font was freezing cold. Elder McCoy baptized Andy, which I think is funny Andy asked Elder McCoy to baptize him because Elder McCoy weighs like 150 pounds and Any weighs like 300 pounds! Elder McCoy was a little nervous about it but luckily he got him under the first time. It was really good and a really good service. I was able to do the confirmation for Andy. The kid holding the microphone kept on hitting my mouth with it, but everyone said I gave Andy a good blessing. I think it is so funny when people say that because it isn't like it was my words, and it wasn't what I was saying, but I just say thank you. Andy's friend was thanking us for teaching Andy and was telling us how it has changed him and how happy it has made Andy. It was so good to hear that and it put a huge smile on my face."

Elder McCoy:
"Elder McCoy is from Smithfield, Utah. I really enjoy serving with him. He is kinda shy, but I just have so much fun with him. We have been working so hard we just come back feeling exhausted, but we are doing really well and things are going pretty good. This past week Elder McCoy had his driving lessons. It was pretty funny because he has never driven a stick before. And don't worry, being the good companion that I am, I took some videos of him driving, and stopping, and starting. Whenever I would take one though, he would do just fine, and when I stopped is when he would stall the car and all that other stuff. It was really fun and we had a good laugh."

"Merry Christmas to all!"