Monday, May 31, 2010


Or as Brady called it, the SSPC (Singing, Studying, Praying Center).
The last 2 and a half weeks Brady was in the MTC and since last Wednesday, the 26th, Brady has been in the field. When Brady sends his emails, he tells the story so well that most of this will just be clips from his emails.
"I got my first companion, named Elder Mansfield. He is from the England area and is 22. He use to work at a hair salon so it takes him like 20 minutes to do his hair, while I'm done in like 20 seconds. A good thing about Elder Mansfield is that he knows how to iron. So that was a huge relief as he helped me with that, so thankfully I didn't ruin my shirts already."
"One rule on the mission so far is that we have to shave everyday. Even though I barely grow hair, I still pull out my electrical shaver and do it every morning before class. I think it makes most of the other elders mad when they have to put on shaving cream, and grow hair really bad. Then there is just me that only takes like 2 minutes to shave."

For those of you who know Brady, probably know that when he was little he picked baseball over soccer and hasn't really played since. All they ever played on P-day was soccer, and because of that, he has hilarious stories. Here are some of the highlights:
"We had our first exercise day and we played football (soccer in the U.S.A.). They put me as goalie, I have no idea why. I made this sweet stop, and then I went to go and kick the ball and I kicked off this player for the other team, and just watched the soccer ball as it rolled back into my net. It was embarrassing, and now all the England missionaries that are here refer to me and the real American football player. (ouch). Then I had a chance to redeem myself and sure enough I did. I was the best defender and no body cared to come my way. I also made this sweet pass and we scored a goal. It was pretty awesome."
"I happened to score my first goal in football, It took me like 3 shots but I finally got the ball into the net. On my first kick, I kicked the ball like a little girl. Then on my second one it was just me and the goalie, and I had him totally faked out. Then, I choked and kicked the ball wide left. I was so upset. Finally, on the third one I got the ball past him, and it was really awesome. I also had a couple of sweet assists on goals we scored. It was funny because the day before whenever I would get the ball, all the elders on my team would yell 'get rid of the ball Elder Moore' and now they keep on passing me the ball and I have become pretty good if I do say so myself."
Our biggest shocker though, is that Brady now LOVES singing!
"I have a confession I need to make. While being in the MTC, I have been forced to sing in the choir, and now I'm actually starting to enjoy it. I always sit in the front row next to Elder Douglass because my companion plays the piano. Me and Elder Douglass try to sing our hearts out and I'm sure we sound awful, but Sister Clegg says we sounded really good, and I said I'm sure it wasn't because of me. She then said I had a big part in it and I told her that she is too nice. She always lets me and Elder Douglass, also Elder Hales and Elder Smith sit on the front row. But me and Elder Douglass are usually the suck ups to her. Whenever she says she messed up, we usually will say we think you are doing a wonderful job, we are pretty sure it was our fault."
While in the MTC, Brady had the opportunity to experience a lot of really exciting things! They got to go to the temple, go into the streets of Manchester to try and talk to people about the gospel, go on a church history tour, and had Elder Quentin L. Cook come speak to them.

Below is the picture of Brady's whole MTC group with Elder Quentin L. Cook. He is on the back row, 4th from the right.

As soon as Brady sends us pictures, we'll update with some! He said he has taken a lot so hopefully we'll get some soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goodbye Utah, Hello England!

Brady left for England on May 6, 2010. We made sure we had a little bit of home with him when he left, hence the Yankee pillow! Go Yankees!! With all the stuff they have to take, I don't know how we got it all to fit in the 3 suitcases, or how he is going to carry all of the luggage himself!

Having a hard time closing the luggage. Hopefully the zipper won't pop open!
Ready to go!! On our way to the Stake Center where President Eckman will set him apart as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That was when it really hit us that he is a missionary now and will be gone for the next two years!!!
After the setting apart, we put on his missionary tag. He is officially Elder Moore!!
Elder Moore with his favorite companion, Elder Furlong!!
Wasn't it so nice of Tyler to come see Brady off at the airport?! He even dressed for the occasion! What were the odds that Tyler had to be to the airport for work on the same day, at the exact same time?!

One last family picture, (poor Taylor was unable to get work off), before we gave our final hugs, said our goodbyes, and watched Brady stroll off to the security screening with another Elder! He was very focused, and is very excited to serve! Good Luck Elder Moore!!! We love you!! SEE YOU IN 730 DAYS!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cheerio Mates

Brady had his farewell talk on April 18, 2010, and he did an AMAZING job! He got lots of compliments saying he sounded more like a returned missionary speaking then one who is just getting ready to go out! His topic was the fourth article of faith. Afterwards, we had a "linger longer" where we had juicy enchiladas and lots of delicious treats.
Brady and Haydn! No, Haydn didn't grow, he's standing on a step!
A bunch of Brady's friends.
Grandma Nowak
Grandpa and Grandma Moore

Brady and his 3 moms! No wonder he never got in trouble! With 3 moms, you can't get away with much!

Friday, May 7, 2010


As we all know, Brady's favorite thing is to spoil his nephew, Peyton and leaving Peyton was going to be the hardest for Brady. So, Brady and Peyton took a trip to Build-A-Bear! Peyton picked out a dog because growing up Brady's nickname was BradyDog. We laid all the dogs out on the floor, and Peyton picked his "wuff-wuff".
Brady recorded a special message in the dog just for Petyon! So anytime Peyton wants to hear Brady's voice, he just has to press the paw! And it brings a giant smile and a cute giggle to Petyon every time!
Peyton loved giving his "wuff-wuff" a bath!
Naming his "wuff-wuff" Bradydog!

And look how cute!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Called to Serve

After the papers were submitted, the long awaited call finally came! But unfortunately, Brady had to wait until that night to open the call because of school, work, interviews and just so everyone could come. Brady wanted to keep it small so we just had our family, Grandma Nowak, and a few close friends come down.

The time finally came to open his call and we were all excited to hear Elder Moore has been called to serve in the England Leeds mission!! Brady was very happy with this call because it was exactly what he wanted, foreign, but English speaking!
Look at the excitement on his face!

Brady received his call on January 20, 2010 and was told to report to the England MTC on Friday, May 7, 2010. That seemed forever away, but that time flew by! Tomorrow begins his 2 years as Elder Moore! We are so proud of him and so excited for him to have this experience! Check back often on his mission blog so you can enjoy this journey with him!