Monday, September 20, 2010

Still in Grimsby

"I got to go on exchanges with Elder Calinuc. He is from Romania, and he use to play division 2 football. It was so much fun and I am really impressed with how well his English has gotten in the 3 months that I have been in Grimsby, and the 6 months since he has started to learn English. We talked a lot about football and he taught me some sweet tricks and told me how to kick the ball properly, and said I will be able to control the ball more, if I kick it with the inside of my leg."
"I went on exchanges with Elder Otte, our district leader. It was really fun. I spoiled him because he was out of money, and he said that is the way it is to be done while on exchanges. I am really ace at managing my money, and it is really easy. I never have to worry about the end of the month. Then we went to the church because we had a ward coordination meeting. While we were waiting, we were kicking around a football, and then Elder Otte got it stuck up in the window cell. We tried so hard to get it down by stacking chairs, and then someone was like is that safe Elders? It most likely wasn't, but I wasn't scared. So then we had to get a ladder, and we found a really long pole, and after like 10-15 minutes we finally got the ball down. It was so funny! Then, I was telling Elder Otte how you can play church hymns on the cell phone because that is what Elder Remington told me. He figured out how to play Joseph Smith's First Prayer, and taught me, so I am now trying to master it, and it is so funny that it actually sounds pretty good, and I love playing it."

"We were blessed this week to be able to find 16 new investigators!"
"We met a couple that is young, and guess what? They are MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jonny and Becky are doing well, and since we started teaching them, they have cut back on their smoking and drinking, and we haven't taught them the word of wisdom yet. It is also so much fun to teach them because they take it in so well, and they understand things so much, and you can tell that the spirit is definitely there, and it makes things go a lot smoother, and better."
"We taught Jonny and Becky the word of wisdom last week. We set up a plan of progression to when they will give up smoking, and right now they are scheduled for the 9th of October. Jonny was telling us how he really wants a monkey, and we told him that with the money he will be saving from not smoking, he will be able to get his monkey license, and then a monkey. It is like 500 pounds for the monkey and another 500 pounds for the license. That is really expensive. Becky wasn't too happy with us for saying that, so she banned us from talking monkey whenever we are in their house. They are so much fun and it is so fun teaching them and getting to know them, and it is amazing that you can notice a difference in their life since they have been meeting with us and I just love watching them learn and grow. It makes missionary work so much flippin' fun!"

The Fun Side:
"So this last week, this lady in our ward has been giving me and Elder Reidhead some cooking lessons. We have made chili, and we cut up the vegetables, and all that other fun stuff. Then she taught us how to make this lemon bread, which we have made really good and it is amazing how well me and Elder Reidhead can cook. Then for dessert we have been practicing making sponge cakes. Our first one didn't turn out too good, and our second one was alright. We figured out the problem though, so tonight when we go back for our third cooking lesson we are going to do it right. We have been putting in the eggs first, and then the butter, and then the sugar. But, really we need to do the butter, then sugar, and then the eggs. Hopefully it will turn out good tonight."
"For P-Day we played football, and it was really cold, but also really fun. I am amazed by how much football is growing on me, and I have a blast every time we play it, and I think I am getting pretty good at playing football. But, anyways, it was really cold and rainy, but it was a blast. We were playing with the other Elders. Elder Calinuc was kicking the ball so hard, and Elder Reidhead and Elder Otte were scared to be in the goal. So I went in, and was the goalie. Elder Calinuc kicked it really hard, and I stopped it, and it hit my wrist really hard. My wrist was really numb and I was like Elder Otte, I think I broke my wrist! Don't worry, everything is fine, and just to make things even better, I ended up keeping the ball from going in the goal, and I ended scoring a goal as well, so I was really happy."

"Elder Vaughn is from Australia. He is so funny and every time we talk, we have a good laugh."
"These are the stickers on the back of my badge. Some girl gave me the one less lonely girl sticker and said it will apply in 2 years when I get off of my mission. And I was like ok, whatever you say, and she said I had to have it."
"The pop rocks were so amazingly good, and made the day so fun."
"Thanks for the package! We had a lot of fun with the glasses! We just laughed our heads off. Once again, those glasses were so much fun."

Testimony of Temples:
"I hope that you are going to the temple a lot. I really miss the feeling of going to the temple, and the spirit that you can feel when you go there. It is amazing, and I wish that I could go more often. How blessed are we living in Utah, to where we have temples that are 5 minutes away, and we should be using them to our benefit, and going a lot."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who's the Greenie?

"I had a huge surprise come and hit me. As you know this week (16th August) is transfer week, and I found out that I am staying in Grimsby 1, and that I will be training a missionary. I still feel so new myself, and I feel like there is still so much I need to learn, and become better at, I feel very privileged though, and I have learned that when the Lord calls you to do something, or go somewhere, there is a reason for it, and so I am excited but still very nervous to train. I just hope that I will be a good trainer, and Elder Gentry was really excited, and he was like freaking out, while I was in a huge shock, and was so surprised when President Lindley told me that."

Brady has been training since the week of August 16th, and here is what he thinks about training.
1st Week Training:
"Being a trainer is alright, but it is a lot different than killing off companions. I was so nervous the couple days before that I didn't sleep really at all, and I was in so much shock that President Lindley asked me to train. There are also 2 other elders from my group that are training, and I guess they were just as nervous as I was, but it was really fun. I guess one thing I do miss is the fact that we both knew the area so we knew where the places were. Now, everywhere I turn it's like BOOM! Elder Reidhead is right there!"
2nd Week Training:
"Training is going pretty well. We have been doing a lot of knocking trying to find new people to teach. I think Elder Riedhead is kind of frustrated because we get a return appointment, and then sometimes the people aren't there. I try to set an example by trying to find people who are ready."

"Last night we finally got a return appointment that held up. His name is Lee, and I was really surprised. I have to start off the lessons now and make the decisions, which is really different, but I do really enjoy it. We were able to teach him about the restoration of the gospel, and the lesson went pretty well. Then I had to extend the invitation to be baptized, and I was kind of nervous, but he accepted it and he seemed really excited about it."

"For the past 2 P-days we have been playing football with these 14-15 year old kids, but that is going to have to stop now, since they go back to school next week. The first week we played, I played a little bit of defense, then I got to play a wing position. They were impressed I think with how well I could pass the ball, and I was really surprised myself! It was so amazing, my passes were spot on, and they were able to just keep on continuing, it was really fun. I also scored a GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing, and it felt so nice to score. Then I kind of struggled, and I missed a couple of easy shots, so all the kids on my team were yelling don't shoot, so I didn't, I would just pass it. Then yesterday, they put me in the goalie's box, and I had no idea why. I actually was really good at it, and I made a lot of legit stops, and all the kids on my team were like YEAH!!!!!!!!! Then I made a stupid mistake, and I kind of did something like the England goalie. I went to catch the ball, and it went through my arms, and into the goal. I should have just gotten in front of it, and then I would have been fine, but I just tried to stick my hands out and stop it, and it just went right through. It was kind of frustrating, but then they still kept me in the goal."