Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goodbye Utah, Hello England!

Brady left for England on May 6, 2010. We made sure we had a little bit of home with him when he left, hence the Yankee pillow! Go Yankees!! With all the stuff they have to take, I don't know how we got it all to fit in the 3 suitcases, or how he is going to carry all of the luggage himself!

Having a hard time closing the luggage. Hopefully the zipper won't pop open!
Ready to go!! On our way to the Stake Center where President Eckman will set him apart as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That was when it really hit us that he is a missionary now and will be gone for the next two years!!!
After the setting apart, we put on his missionary tag. He is officially Elder Moore!!
Elder Moore with his favorite companion, Elder Furlong!!
Wasn't it so nice of Tyler to come see Brady off at the airport?! He even dressed for the occasion! What were the odds that Tyler had to be to the airport for work on the same day, at the exact same time?!

One last family picture, (poor Taylor was unable to get work off), before we gave our final hugs, said our goodbyes, and watched Brady stroll off to the security screening with another Elder! He was very focused, and is very excited to serve! Good Luck Elder Moore!!! We love you!! SEE YOU IN 730 DAYS!


Josh and Tori Furlong said...

only 730 days... that doesn't seem too long!!!

Bea said...

730 days is a LONG time!!!!!!
in reality it is only 23 days!!!!!
FAST DAYS that is :o)
We love you Elder and you are in our prayers.