Thursday, February 10, 2011

Staying in Doncaster

"So this week was transfer week, as you all know, and I am getting the wonderful opportunity to stay in Doncaster, and serve with Elder Jestice. I'm really excited and it should be lots of fun!! We had a district meeting the other day and afterwards Elder Swain, a zone leader, turned to me and was like 'Elder Moore, it is now up to you to get things going in Doncaster, we expect better results, not better key indicators, but results.' It was really good, and I am so excited for this next transfer and the fact that I get to start with a new companion, and run the area, and I am excited about it."
"Elder Jestice, my new companion is from Pleasant Grove, Utah, and we get along really well, and we talk about sports all the time. The only problem with Elder Jestice is that he is a Red Sox, BYU, and Man U fan. We got off to a rough start when I found that out, but we are trying to work through it, and hopefully he will soon be changing his ways. He hates Chelsea because they are good, and he says that they buy all their players, and so it has been funny but he is trying to convert me to Manchester United, and so we will see what will happen and how things will go. Oh yeah, Elder Jestice is also a huge Jazz fan and loves D-Will. I tried to explain to him why Chris Paul is better, but you know how stubborn Jazz fans are.."
With all the Christmas money Brady received, he bought himself some Taz cuff links.

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Taylor and Ashley Carroll said...

he sure has a solid opinion with sports =)