Thursday, March 24, 2011

birthday celebration in England

Birthday in Doncaster:
"Thank you everyone for the many birthday wishes. Elder Jestice cooked my breakfast this morning, and it was really good and funny. Then I got a phone call from President Lindley wishing me a happy birthday. Brother Broadbent, our ward mission leader, gave me a really nice tie. It is red and white and just pinstripes, it is such a nice tie. Then the Kentworthy's bought me like a Union Jack flag towel, which is really nice and a birthday cake. The birthday cake was really good and me and Elder Jestice are really enjoying it and we have eaten so much of it."

Great Companions:
"We were eating at this family called the Hall's yesterday. Their son who is like 18 was like oh wow, I just realized that you two look like Woody and Buzz, we were just like ok, and then the rest of the family was like no really you do!"
"Elder Jestice and I bought another companion tie. It is pink and from ASDA. It is a really good tie, and so we both wore them to church. This lady in our ward was like wow that is a really good companion tie, usually they are so ugly. A lot of the members were like oh wow same tie, and all this other stuff and we were like oh yeah!!!"

"The peak district last week for p-day was really amazing and beautiful. I took some really good pictures! But the peak we were on was called oh you wish... or something like that. The hill is in a movie, but at this moment I can't really remember which movie it is on. Anyways, the hill, I keep on wanting to call it a mountain but it isn't, anyways the hill was really steep, and it didn't really seem like it was going up but then coming down was an adventure, and it was so much fun. Some of the missionaries were trying to show off, and they ended up going down like 5 times. But the view up there is so amazing, and it is so beautiful, and I loved it so much, and it was a nice day which made it even better."
"We went bowling and my bowling was alright, but I am not as good as I use to be. It kind of stinks, but I think that I will be able to get it back. Then we played the little basketball game, and I got the high score. The original high score was like 150 and I was able to get 157, and it was so darn exciting!"

Amazing Moment:
"We had this amazing moment. We were going down to the church to change into p-day clothes. We were going to change at the flat but decided not to. Then we thought about walking to the church, but decided to take the bus instead. So then all of a sudden this guy come up to us and was like are you jehovah witnesses. We were like no, it's p-day don't talk to me (that is what I was thinking)... I have been humbles now because this guy was like oh you are Mormons, I don't know too much about you, will you come to my house and teach me a little bit about your religion. So we are seeing him tomorrow and I am so excited for this teaching appointment."

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Josh and Tori Furlong said...

I'm glad he was able to have such a great birthday!! I can't believe he's 20!!