Friday, February 24, 2012

Back to Leeds


I found out that I am leaving Hull 2.  My next area will be Leeds 5.  I will be serving with a missionary named Elder Melo.  I don't know much about him, but I do know that he is from South America and he has been out for a little bit.  President Lindley told me that he is a good missionary, and that we will learn a lot from each other. I am excited though to go to Leeds, that is one things that I have wanted to have happen since I first came out.  So far I have really enjoyed this area and it is really good.  It use to be like an amazing area, but we don't really have very many people in our teaching pool, and it was kind of a slow week.  I was talking with the zone leader who use to serve in Leeds 5 and he told me how I need to get the branch/missionary relationship good again, and I need to get the members out with us and gain their trust.  He told me that is one of the main reasons I got sent to this area, and so I was like ok, I will do it.  This is the first time on my mission I have served in a Branch, and it is quite different, but I am looking forward to being here and I am excited about it. 


We have already had a couple of neat experiences since I have been here. One time it was freezing cold and we were just thinking about going and seeing a less active, but we decided to stick out the finding, and to just do it.  So we still had like 5 minutes before we had to head back to catch a bus, and so we knocked a bit more, and then this guy let us in.  I was like all right, and it made me so happy.  Then we taught him, and he really understood the Restoration, and we were talking about what it would mean to find out if these things are true, and he said there would be nothing stopping him from joining that one true church if he knew it was true. So that made me really happy.  Then there has been this investigator who has been meeting with missionaries for a while, named Fadzai.  So we saw her on Saturday, and she told us how she didn't want to read or pray anymore, and wasn't really even sure if she wanted to meet with us anymore.  So I was pretty sad.  So I was telling Elder Pass, and he was like I promise you that if you study for her, and look for stories, and scriptures about prayer, that she will progress and will want to meet with you again.  So that made me pretty excited, and I was so happy to hear that.  When we were there though it just seemed like something was right, and I think something happened that day, but I am not sure what it was.  We also have these two epic investigators.  They are so great.  On Sunday we went over there, and we had a Caribbean meal with them, and it was the most amazing Chicken and Rice that I have ever had, it was so amazingly wonderful.  They are really good, and they have been reading and praying, they just need to receive there answer.  I am enjoying this new area, and it should be lots of fun.  I am so excited to be here, and I will most definitely enjoy my time here.  

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