Monday, June 28, 2010

Workin' Hard

Brady is still in the Leeds 1 Area. This week, they are getting a new mission President. And Brady's companion, Elder Remington, is leaving the week after, so lots of changes are coming his way. Brady will be sad to see Elder Remington go. They have had a lot of success and a lot of fun!

"Guiseppe is our golden investigator. Even when we explain things to him awful, he understands it, and is able to tell us what we are teaching him in a lot better way than we do to him. He always gives us something to drink before we start our lessons, which I really enjoy. It's usually orange juice because it has lots of vitamins and we need vitamins because it has been very hot in England this whole last week. His wife is a Buddhist, and he keeps on telling us that he wants to get baptized first so he can help us bring his wife into the church also. It was really sweet when he said that and we were really excited."
"We have officially decided that John Carson is pretty crazy. He was participating in the lesson, which I thought was a good thing, sometimes though they would ask a question and he would give an answer that didn't even have to do with the lesson. It was really funny, and every time in Sunday School his hand was the first one up and would try to answer the question."
"Both John and Guiseppe passed their baptismal interviews. It was really neat to see how excited both of them were, and how happy they looked to know that they are going to be baptized on Saturday, July 3. I am really excited and I hope that they are prepared to face the opposition that they will end up facing this week. I know that they will be fine, and that the baptism will go through, but it is still kind of scary."
"Things with Victor and his family aren't going so smooth anymore since he went out of town."
"We were teaching this chav yesterday. A chav is kind of like a gangster. He usually always tells us how he doesn't want to be taught, and all this stuff. But yesterday we were able to teach him a lesson. He just choose some random scripture from the Book of Mormon and we had to teach him from it. He opened up the book to Moroni's Promise (pretty sweet) and we kind of laughed inside. We then were able to teach him how this promise works, and we even got him to say the closing prayer. He made a request to know the Book of Mormon is true, and said a really good prayer."

Brady with President and Sister Stock and Elder Remington
Brady on his P-day
Brady and his companion and roommates. Elder Remington, Elder Moore, Elder Valdivia, Elder Davis
Bar Burrito, which Brady says is almost as good as Cafe Rio

Brady and Elder Douglass, one of his favorites from the MTC who is now serving in Scotland, loved the drink Vitmo!

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So so glad he finally sent pictures! Love the short buzz he's sportin'!