Thursday, August 5, 2010

Loving Grimsby

Brady's Mission is going really well. He is still in the Grimsby 1 Area.

"Ben Smith's baptism went really well. I love seeing people like Ben get baptized. They just have this amazing glow about them, and it is really neat to watch them, and see how excited they are. I always just look at them and I get this huge smile, because it is so neat to see them get so excited. Then on Sunday, Ben got up and bore a really solid testimony. Elder Gentry and I both had our fingers crossed because we didn't know what he was going to say, and we were hoping it would be good, and it was amazing. It was really funny a little 7 year old kid got up and bore his testimony saying he was glad that Ben got baptized and how he is looking forward to being baptized in a couple of months. Ben then waved to him and as Ben passed him on his way up to bear his testimony, he gave him a huge thumbs up."

"Yesterday we found the most amazing kid named Daniel Smith. We went up to him and shared the Joseph Smith First Vision with him, and he really enjoyed it. Then he was telling us how once he was stabbed 5 times, and how he should have been dead, because of the loss of blood. He used to be a rebel I guess, and now he spends his time helping out disabled kids. He wants to improve his life and make it better. We also gave him a Book of Mormon, and he said he has a lot of questions and is looking forward to finally getting some answers. We are hoping that people don't ruin him and that our next appointment with him will go really well, which I am sure it will."

Another investigator is Matthew and Maria Cartwright. Brady says they are really humble and ready to be baptized but last visit didn't go as planned.

"After our p-day was over, we went and visited Matthew and Maria Cartwright. We found out after we left from the member that went teaching with us, that they aren't married yet. When we first met Matthew we asked him if they were married, and he said they were. When he found out he couldn't get baptized until he was married, he was really crushed, and disappointed. They are planning on getting married next year because she is due anytime and they want the baby to be settled in before they get married. They are both so ready to be baptized, so if you have any advice on how we can maybe help them plan to move up their wedding date, I would really appreciate that."

Neat Experience:
"We were waiting for our bus to go home, and we were talking to a member of the church named Carol O'Rielly. Then this guy named John came up, and gave her a hug, and told us how he use to meet with the missionaries before, and then he just left. Carol then told us he had terminal cancer and was suppose to only live until December, and that he is really good fighter. Then, on Saturday while we were waiting for the Zone Leaders to show up to Ben's baptism interview we went knocking. We ended up knocking on John's door and he was telling us how after we met him the night before he was praying that we would come knocking on his door so we could answer some of his questions he had. It was a really neat experience, and he was wondering what happens after we die. We explained it to him, and we would baptize him I bet, but he is moving to place where he can be better watched over, I guess kind of like a rest home. It was really neat, and he was saying before we left that we brought peace to his soul, and he was feeling a lot better now that we had come over. It was amazing!!!!"


The Arbuckle's said...

THose are some neat experiences.

Jennifer said...

It's been great to get acquainted with your son through his blog. I am grateful he was our son's "trainer."
Jennifer Reidhead