Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life in England... According to Brady

We wanted to give everyone an update about what living in England is all about for Brady. Here is the good, the bad, and everything else!

"My favorite part about England is the weather.... NOT! I really hate how the weather changes on an hourly basis."
"I learned after like the first rain storm to carry an umbrella always, and the other day is started down pouring really bad, and I pulled my umbrella out, and Elder Gentry didn't have one, and he got soaked. It was really funny."
"We were doing some work in the city center, and we didn't have umbrellas, and it started to down pour. We walked across the street to get some food, and we got so soaked, and we honestly only took like 10 steps. Then we went in, and bought some umbrellas so it was really nice, and then the rain was just pounding so hard on them, and then like 2 hours later, it was really warm and hot again."
"All day it had looked like it was going to rain, but it hadn't. So we went back to the flat for lunch and it was looking really nice so I told Elder Gentry we didn't need our umbrellas. We got done teaching a lesson to Jean, and it wasn't looking too good. We took 5 steps away from her house and it started to rain. Then 5 steps later, it started to downpour, so we hurried and ran into the first shop we could find. It was a fish and chips restaurant, so we couldn't just leave, so we bought chips for a pound. Then we hurried and ran back to Jean's house, and ate our chips, and then she gave us some umbrellas. After we left her house the second time with our umbrellas, the weather was amazing for the rest of the day, it was kind of funny so I was laughing, and Elder Gentry got kind of mad."

"We were at a tea appointment, and they were asking me besides family, what do I miss the most about home. I quickly answered Hot Pockets, and they had no idea what I was talking about it. It was pretty funny, and I had to explain it to them, and tell them how amazingly delicious they are, and they are so good."
"The members in Grimsby are really good, and we have meal appointments like everyday but usually I have this rice-a-roni stuff, or roman noodles, or peanut butter sandwiches, sometimes I have ham and salami sandwiches, just a lot of easy stuff to make. But the fish and chips in Grimsby are really good and I am addicted to them."

Dressin' like a stylish Englishman:
Remember Brady, and how you could almost always count on him being in Yankee attire and baller shorts... And how pink was a big no!
Example: From Ashley: "I sure hope that you get some fashion sense while over there..."
From Brady: "I doubt my fashion will get any better while in England."
Boy how have things changed in the short amount of time he has been there!!
"I think my favorite part about England is the ties. I have to admit that so far most of the ties I have bought have a little bit of pink in them. I also got this bright pink tie from one of the other elders in my last flat, and I wore it, and then this girl was trying to buy it from me for only a pound, and I was like no fetching way."
"I did buy pointy shoes, and they are so sweet. It is so much fun to look at them, and to wear them during my study times, I don't wear them out proselyting because I don't want to ruin them, and I want to make them last for a long times."

"Some P-days all we do is go shopping a little bit, then we go to subway and get a sandwich, then we go to the church and play table tennis, and watch disney movies."
"My favorite thing to do on P-day is to play sports. The other week, we did a zone p-day with the whole Hull zone, and it was so much fun. We played football (soccer), and I scored a goal, and then we played American football, and I had 3 touchdown catches, and an interception."
"The other week we went bowling. I bowled a 136 and a 179. It was amazing. The lanes in England were really good, and my ball had the best curve on it. I was so proud that I still have my bowling skills, and that I can still dominate in at least one sport."

Elder Gentry:
"I am going to miss laughing and having a good time with Elder Gentry. He is so funny, and has been a blast to serve with, and I cannot believe how flippin' fast the 6 weeks went by."
Elder Gentry and Elder Moore in their companion ties and sunglasses.


Taylor and Ashley Carroll said...

Out of everything, hot pockets is what he misses the most?! Wow!

The Arbuckle's said...

He's a funny kid. love to hear how he's changing and becoming more adventurous.

Amelia said...

I am a Mom of a soon-to-be missionary who will be serving in the Leeds England Mission. I'm looking for a shoulder bag for my son like the one it this picture. I'm also looking for any other advise and helpful shoes, luggage, things you wish they had told you before you got to England, etc. My son leaves for the Preston MTC on October 21, 2010.
I'm hoping your Mom will see this and contact me.

Brady's Mission: England Leeds said...

Sorry Amelia, I just saw this comment. I, (Brady's mom), updates the blog but I never saw this one. Send an email if you get this, Let us know your sons name so we can see if he knows mine :) Hope all went well with him.