Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The work in Doncaster

"The work in Doncaster is improving, and getting a little bit better. We found this Latvian family that we are teaching right now and things with them are going alright. They belong to the catholic church, but they want to read from the Book of Mormon, and one of them seems really interested. It is hard to teach them because sometimes they don't really understand and then sometimes they will start speaking in Latvian, and we have no idea what they are saying, and so that makes it a little bit hard, and whenever they start doing that, I just start smiling and look over at Elder Peavler because I have no idea what to do, and it just sounds funny when they start speaking in Latvian."
"On fast Sunday, I decided to fast for one of our investigators named Dan. It was amazing because we were standing outside greeting everyone, and saying hi to them, and then Dan comes up and was all like, I want to get baptized, can I do it next week? Hi is so excited and he already has everything planned out."
"Yes! The baptism did go through, and it was such an amazing moment, and the spirit was so strong and you could just tell a difference in Dan, and it was so amazing because he had a lot of the youth doing stuff, and it was great. For the confirmation next week, there is a kid in our ward who just got the Melchizedek priesthood and he is going to confirm Dan a member of the church. He was really surprised when Dan asked him, and it will be a good experience for him as he prepares to go on a mission."

"This week has been a crazy week in England. It snowed a whole bunch on Tuesday and into Wednesday and it shut down the whole city, and it was crazy. We had to end up walking everywhere and it took us like an hour just to get into town, and by they time we made it into town, our shoes were soaking wet, and so we hurried and went and bought some new SNOW BOOTS!!!!! I am so glad that Grandma Nowak and Grandma and Grandpa Moore gave me Christmas money, and I am so glad that they bought me some nice snow boots. They keep my feet really dray and they are steel toe boots and they are so flipping nice, and we got them on sale for like 20 quid. Anyways back to the story, so no buses were running, and on Wednesday we were supposed to go out to Sheffield for a meeting but nothing was running so we couldn't make it out there, and then everyone was walking so we were out talking to everyone, and we found a couple of people who seem really interested in hearing the gospel. It was amazing how much it snowed. We got like 2 feet of snow, and it was so crazy. All I wanted to do was run and play in it and make snow forts. The only thing that sucks is we have been getting a lot of snow balls thrown at us. I am starting to get sick of it and our district leaders tell us how they are having snow ball fights, and so I am going to start throwing them back, and I am going to show them how you really thrown a snowball, because they all throw really bad. This week we also had to shovel snow at our church, and here I was thinking I was getting out of that for 2 years. We had a really good ward turnout and the shoveling went by really fast. But if we didn't shovel, then they would have cancelled church. The only thing with England is that they use all these things like sign post to shovel snow, and they also use metal shovels. So half the time, the snow is getting stuck to the shovel, and I was like what the flip, and no one in England has a snow blower, and all they do is let the snow sit there, and so now everything is becoming really icy, and we have been watching a lot of people slip and fall, and I try not to laugh but sometimes it just slips out and I chuckle a little bit."

"We ate at this guy's house named John Horner. He mad us muscles, which were alright, and then this last week, we had some lamb's liver which wasn't very good, but I endured it well, and I finished eating it. Anyways, when he makes us a started, he puts his special sauce on it. Like he covered his eggs in it. All it is, is fry sauce. And when we told him that he just started laughing because he thought the name was funny, and he told us how he made it, and we were like, yep, that is how you make fry sauce. It was really funny."

The Fun Side:
"Our Christmas tree that we decorated our flat with, and got it all ready for Christmas time."
"We were helping these members of our ward take in cans of food for this thing they do called like the pampers, or something like that. But he removed a blanket and in the box there was chocolate and he was like Elder, you better stuff that in the box before the young men get to it. And i was like or before I get to it, and then he just laughed. So anyways I took the box in and put it down, and then he brought in his wife and was like Elder Moore was thinking about taking that chocolate, or something like that. And the wife was like, well when you help out the members like this, then you receive a blessing, and so they ended up giving me, and Elder Peavler, the chocolate. They are just this really old couple called the Carr's and I was just like oh thank you so much, I am so grateful for this."
"At a tea appointment, we were eating at this ladies house named Sister Kilburns, and she made this amazing cheese sauce, and don't worry, I got the recipe. She like me so much, but don't worry, I am humble about i, and we just talked, and she was all like you remind me so much of the missionary that baptized me, and I was like oh thank you, and then we laughed some more."

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Josh and Tori Furlong said...

I love that they decorated their flat! The tree looks perfect!!!