Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheerio, 2010

First off, talking to Brady was great! He sounded so good and we were all so excited when he called! We were all shocked that he sounded English and everything! Even though he did not believe us, he totally had an accent. I was so grateful to hear that the members in Doncaster are spoiling him rotten since he only received one package in time. When we first put Brady on speaker phone for all of us to hear, Brady's nephew Peyton runs to the phone grabs it and runs off telling Brady, "Brady, miss you, love you Brady!" We were all nervous that Peyton would hang up on Brady so we had to get the phone back! Brady instructed us that there was no crying allowed during the phone call and we all stuck to our end of the bargain.. But tears were later shed because of the great example he is, how much he has truly been lost in the Lord's work, and how much he has grown in the gospel. Such an awesome experience for us to watch him grow! Now, just counting down to Mother's Day!

"Me and Elder Peavler are staying together one more transfers, and are excited to stay here for Christmas."
"The members in Doncaster are so great. We ate at this families home called the Carrs and they bought us some extra thick socks to keep our feet warm and some gloves for our hands. Boy, those socks make a huge difference!"
"We are well taken care of here in Doncaster and the members are so great and I love serving here, and I hope I get to stay for a little while."
"On Boxing Day, we were treated to pancakes, bacon, and eggs, and it was so good. The family was laughing so hard because they thought it was so weird we were enjoying it so much."

Testimony of a mission:
"I have been reading through the Book of Mormon during my personal study, and I use this little study guide to go along with it and I found the most amazing verse that has just stuck with me since I read it. It is found in Alma 36:3 and it is when Alma is talking to his son Helaman, and he says half way down, "I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day." Isn't that a powerful scripture? I though it was, and I love that scripture so much because I have seen on my mission that as I trust in the Lord to lead us where to knock, things work out so much better, and things go a lot better. I really love the Book of Mormon and I don't know where we would be at without the Book of Mormon, and I don't understand how anyone honestly reads the Book of Mormon can say that it is not true, and of course they have to pray about it. Anyways, I love the Book of Mormon."

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