Sunday, June 26, 2011

Newton Aycliffe

"It was transfer week and I am staying in Newton Aycliffe and Elder Brown is leaving. I have a new companion Elder Heidenberg. He is from Stockholm, Sweden, and he speaks really good English and I was surprised. He has been about for about 5 months and he says my Swedish sucks. We have been working really hard and I am feeling it today, I am really tired and I could just sleep all day, but that wouldn't be any fun. Then as well, we get along really well, and we just joke around. Our motto for the transfer is lets crank it, and things are going all right. We were able to find some new investigators and we scheduled them for baptism. It seemed to be a good appointment but we will see what will come from it. "

Forbidden Corner:
"We went to the Forbidden Corner for p-day. It is like a maze thing and you have to find your way around. It is hard to explain a lot, but I took lots of pictures. So we went through like this castle thing, and there was this really funny song about cats and rats and how that cat is near, and then we kind of scared some little kids as well, I felt kind of bad, but it was funny. We would like scream sometimes because it was kind of scary, and then we would hear these little kids cry, and it was like oh whoops."

"We have been teaching a family, the Coxalls, and we have been having super powerful and spiritual lessons. They have been meeting with the missionaries for like 4 years, and so we decided to go in there and just get to the concerns and make it effective with them as well. We watched Elder Bednar's talk with them the other day, and it was so amazing. They were able to realize how their answer is going to come and how it might not be an instant thing. We then committed them to read Alma 32. Then we went back the next night, and had another powerful lesson. We talked with them about Alma 32, and we're able to explain some of the things they were confused about, and then we talked a little bit about repentance because they were wondering how they could know if their sins were forgiven. Then we talked a lot about prayer in everything. While we were teaching them, he was telling us how while we were talking about prayer, he was thinking alright show me something in this Book that I need to hear. So then he opened the scriptures to Moroni 10:21-23 and he said it was very powerful to him and it was exactly what he needed. It was so amazing and great. I love going over there because all of them ask really good questions and the spirit is always so strong."

Thai Boxing:
"Today for p-day we went and did some Thai Boxing with our ward mission leader. I am so out of shape and such a wuss. I have realized though that I could never be a Thai boxer because I smile too much and I always laugh. I would go to punch the pads, and would just laugh. I don't know why! It was really good though and it felt like it was a pretty good work out, but it made me so exhausted."

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