Monday, October 10, 2011

Cheerio Newton Aycliffe, Hello Hull

"My shoes did have holes in them, but I patched them up pretty good. This area used to have bikes so there was a bunch of rubber to repair holes and Etta bought me like 2 things of super glue to I super glued those bad boys down, and I think it will protect my feet from getting wet. And it does look pretty good. I don't want to waste my money on shoes, I can still wear them and they work just fine. I'm just trying to make this pair last as long as possible and then I have my winter boots that I can start wearing soon."

Testimony Meeting:
"On fast and testimony meeting I bore my testimony about how a testimony is so simple, but is something that brings happiness to millions of people around the world. I then went on to talk about how I hope that my testimony will prick the hearts of the people, Robert D. Hales talks about the in Special Witnesses Christ, so I talked about that. I hope my testimony will touch people and make them listen more. Then after I sat down, a member of the bishopric got up and he was like, I was going to start of my testimony by saying how much I love my wife, but I am actually going to start off by saying how much I love Elder Moore. It was so great!"

Leaving Newton Aycliffe:
"I am so sad to say, but I am on way. I won't be back for many a day, my heart is down, my head is spinning around, I have to leave the Newton Aycliffe Town. I was seriously so sad when I found out that I was leaving. It's going to be harder to leave this area than leaving home. I am going to miss this area and ward because it has been so much fun. I have gotten so close to so many of the members here, it is crazy. I can't express how grateful I am for the time that I have been able to serve in Newton Aycliffe."

"I am going back to the same zone as Grimsby! So hopefully I will see some people there! Also, Elder Heidenberg will be in my same zone again so I'm super excited about that. My new companion is Elder Hubbard and he was actually trained by Elder Reeves, so it should be good. I don't know if any of you have ever read or heard of the book Becoming the Bold Missionary, but the guy who wrote that book actually served in Hull so I thought that was pretty legit and pretty exciting."
"I really do love Hull. The Bishop and the rest of the ward council are so great, they are all so funny."
"It's only been my first week here and I already have to cook. It went alright, I made some rice, and it was suppose to be with chicken but the chicken smelt so bad, so we used some beef instead. It was funny our ward mission leader was talking the mick out of me, and telling me how bad the rice looked and how it looked like potatoes. I seriously felt like I was on Hell's Kitchen and he was Gordon Ramsey, and I was like the new chef trying my hardest, and it wasn't going good. But in the end, both him and Elder Hubbard said it was alright, but I will definitely improve and it make it a lot better the next time I cook for him."

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Josh and Tori Furlong said...

Oh how I love him!! I love how he is totally still the same Brady!!