Thursday, November 10, 2011

Working hard in Hull

"I got to go on an exchange with a missionary who has only been out like 3 weeks. It was funny because he still gets really nervous and I was trying to get him to be excited and talk louder, but I didn't have much success. We were laughing so hard though, and it was pretty legit. He solved the rubix cube in 10 seconds! I took a video to prove it and it was so ridiculous I couldn't believe it."

"So this past week has been pretty.........................................EPIC. We has such a good week and blew our area up. Sunday night last week, we didn't know what to do and we had nothing planned, and so we decided to say a prayer to know what to do. So Elder Hubbard was like I know exactly where we need to be, and so we went to this area called Stoneferry and knocked the street, and we got a bunch of return appointments, and so this last week was so epic, it was great!! We ended up finding 11 new investigators, and it was so good I think as week like 8 or 9 of them came from the area of Stoneferry on one street. Some of the lesson we were having as well were so amazing and the spirit was so strong. It is weird though because when I first came out like, I would have just gone in and taught the first lesson, and tried to make sure they understood our message, but the longer I have been out the more I have learned that that technique doesn't really work. So we have really worked on answering questions and finding out more what they need. It has made the lessons so powerful and we have been able to even help the people we are teaching recognize that they are feeling the spirit, and this is the way it will come. We have been able to make them see how the gospel can apply to their life and how it will help out the situations that they are in."

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Josh and Tori Furlong said...

Oh I hadn't seen all these pictures!! He is one crazy boy!!