Wednesday, October 6, 2010

150 Days Served!!

"So last night I found out that I will be staying in Grimsby 1, and that I will be staying with Elder Reidhead. I cannot believe how fast this transfer has gone by. But I am really surprised that I am staying another one. Another thing that I am excited about is our whole district is staying. I am so happy because the district I am in right now is so great, and I enjoy it so much. "

"This last week in England has been getting colder and colder. I even broke down and bought a v-neck sweater. It keeps me warmer, but I cannot believe that this is what it has come to. I guess that is what happens when it starts to get cold."

"Conference was really good, and it was really weird how it all worked. So for the Saturday morning session, we watched it at the church at like 5. It was really sad because at our church there were 6 elders, and 3 members of the church, which is even more sad because there are 3 wards that it included, and then there was 1 investigator. To make things even more sad about conference, a guy came down from Louth which was like an hour away from where our chapel is. Then Sunday morning at 10 we watched the priesthood session, and it was once again amazing. Then at 1 we watched the Saturday afternoon session, and this time there were like 40-50 members there so I guess it is still better, but not very good when it includes 3 different wards. Then at 5 we watched the Sunday morning session of conference. In between the 1 and 5 conference we went and did some knocking to try to find some people to come to conference. We didn't get to watch the Sunday afternoon session. I was gutted because Elder Bednar, Elder Perry, and Elder Ballard spoke and they are my favorite to listen to, as well as Elder Holland, but the rest of conference was still really good, and I can't wait to read from the ensign and read their talks."
"During Priesthood session, Elder Nelson asked all the missionaries from the world to stand up, and so me and another elder, Elder Ferona, like jumped up, and then Elder Reidhead kind of did, but I was like yeah, Elder Nelson wanted me to stand up, of course of course I am going to jump right up."
"This picture is of the Grimsby district. We decided it would be fun to get matching ties for conference and to wear them. It was my idea and it worked out great, and everyone was asking what's up with the ties elders?"

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"Thanks for sending me the things people say on the blog. It was really fun to read and I really enjoyed it!"
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Taylor and Ashley Carroll said...

Elder Moore! Sounds like you are having a blast!! We love you and keep up the good work and keep up the shopping on new clothes! Love ya!

The Arbuckle's said...

Wow, 150 days? That has gone by so fast.

Brady, don't be discouraged about people not attending conference at church on a saturday, its very common. People can now watch it on the internet, phones, etc. BUT sunday we usually get a lot more in attendance because people feel like its "JESUS DAY".

Love the v-neck, is it navy blue? like the yankee's color???

Jason and I still talk about you and Ashley when you came to visit and all you would spend your money on was yankee gear and pizza.

Sounds like you're doing great on your mission. Take care.