Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good times in England...

Leadership Training in Leeds:
"Things in England are going really well, and Leadership training was really good. The first day we talked about who the perfect leader is, and was, which is obviously Christ. Then we talked about the leadership skills he had, and then we talked about how we need to apply them into our lives as missionaries, and as leaders of the mission. It was really great, and then we went through the fundamentals of preach my gospel, and as we start applying these principles it is going to be really great to see how missionary work improves. I have also wondered how it is going to change in 2012. I have often wondered if people are going to be softened or worried about the world ending, and if baptisms are going to take off, it will be interesting."

"After Leadership training, we went out knocking in the Leeds 1 area, my first area. I was with this missionary named Elder Balls. He is really great, and likes the Yankees, so it was fun. Anyways, he stopped this guy on a bike, and guess who it ended up being???....... John Carson! The person that I got baptize. I was like hey, how ya doing, and we talked for a while and it was really fun to talk to him. He said that he is still going to church, and he has been to the temple and really loves it, and so now he is doing family history, so he can take names with him to the temple. Then he was also telling me how he is starting to take piano lessons so he can play the piano better, so we will see how things work out."
"Then, we were were walking down the street, and ran into this girl who fed us all the time. She started to scream when she saw me, and was like I cried for a week when both you and Elder Remington left. Then she let me talk to her brother, who is a chav, and is investigating the church still and it was fun."

Being Bold:
"We went and visited this less active who hadn't been to church in like 6 months. She said she didn't feel ready to go, and that the time isn't right, but she wants to come back. We told her that there is no better time to come back, and that the longer she waits, the harder it will be for her to come back. We were both pretty bold with her, and she ended up coming on Sunday, and had a good time. It was so neat because the spirit was so strong. It was amazing how I just kept saying things that I don't think I would have normally said as a normal person, but as a missionary it is weird how different it is, and I notice how important different things are. It has been really neat and I just love that feeling, and it makes me feel like, yeah, this is why I am here, and it is just a great feeling to have. I love being bold with people."

Classic Brady:
"Our ward had a talent show and it was so much fun. For our talent, me and Elder Reidhead, well I played songs on the mobile. Afterwards, the judges were like, well... I don't think it is going to get you in any doors, but if our pianist is ever gone, we know where we can turn to. Our bishop was laughing and said it was awful. Then we were in a skit where the guy makes fun of Americans. It was great and they laughed. I played on the mobile, Come Thou Font, Called to Serve, Bring the World His Truth, Joseph Smith's First Prayer, and Mario. It was grand, and if only I could play the piano like the mobile!"
"I did all the crosswords and word searches. I know you said to share with Elder Reidhead, but I just had to do them all, and I kept them for myself, because I love them so much."
"Thanks for the package! I also loved the paddle ball! We are going to try making cookies, and hopefully they will turn out. I got it while I was in Leeds, and it is amazing how everyone wants to be your best friend when you have candy."


Josh and Tori Furlong said...

Oh Brady!! I hope he shares his phone talent with us when he gets home!!

Kimmy said...

He looks happy!!!